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Homework Policy

使学生能够平衡工作和生活, 我们预计总体平均作业负荷不超过2.5 hours per night, 也就是说,不同的日子和学生会有所不同, teachers should not assign more than an average of 20 minutes of homework per night. 

Students should not receive any homework over the three major vacation periods, so that they may relax, rest and recharge. Homework should not be due on the day after Purim and the night of Yom HaAtzmaut. No written assignments/exams can be scheduled during the first two days after returning from vacation. No major assignments should be due in the time that they could not be reasonably completed after vacation (typically 2-3 weeks). AP课程除外, 英语系阅读作业, 以及自愿学习Torah的额外学分项目.

Test Day Program

为了减轻测试和主要任务的负担, 并允许学生提前计划, 学院为所有主要科目设立了“考试日”计划. 这个项目的目标是所有的主要作业都应该按时完成, 考试安排在该科目的“考试日”.” However, 如果考试日因节假日不能参加考试, assembly, or skip, 可指定另一天. 考试可能不会在禁食的日子进行.

Day of WeekJudaic Studies SubjectsGeneral Studies Subjects
ThursdaysHebrew LanguageEnglish

Students who are not in attendance in the morning may not be allowed to take a test in the afternoon for full credit.  Rather, their score will be automatically reduced by 1/2 grade (5 points on a 100-point scale).  补考可能会在不同的日期进行.

Semester final make-ups will be given on the Friday of finals week (exceptions to this may occur based on the calendar year).



以上规则不适用于测验, 哪门课可以在任何一节课上进行, announced or unannounced.  For these purposes, a quiz is distinct from a test in that it: addresses less than the past week of material, 不到二十分钟就完成了吗, 还不到考试成绩的四分之一.

Grades Point Schedule

Ida Crown Jewish Academy assigns course grade points in accordance with the schedule below. 平均绩点仅根据期末成绩计算. 减(-)或加(+)对GPA计算没有影响. Valid transfer credits, while listed on ICJA transcripts, are not included in GPA calculations.


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Grade Corrections & Changing “Incompletes”

Students receiving a grade of “Incomplete” at the end of a quarter or semester have 6 weeks to make up the required work. 在此期间,如果有任何处罚,由老师自行决定. 在规定的时间后,学生的成绩将改为“F”。.

Students have 3 weeks (15 school days) from the receipt of their report card to contest grades. Once this occurs, a grade can only be changed if it was as a result of clerical or teacher error. 请求应向学生的老师提出. 老师会在学生提出要求后一周内作出回应. 老师对成绩的决定是最终的,不得上诉.


Students wishing to change classes must submit a completed “class change” form by clicking here (由他/她的父母共同签署)到指导部. 一般来说,学生将在2个上课日内得到初步答复. 所有秋季课程变更申请必须在9月20日前提交.

In extraordinary circumstances a student may be allowed to drop a class after the drop deadline. 在这种情况下,评分为“W”(代表“退出”). The grade will not be averaged in the GPA but will appear as the semester grade for the course.


为了保证ICJA学术课程的质量, 以下是彩票365官方网站转学分的政策.

  1. Students who are enrolled in ICJA must receive prior approval from the guidance department when taking outside courses for credit. This approval should be obtained at least 6 weeks in advance of the school year in which the course is to be taken. 批准申请可以通过“外部信用”表格提交,请填写 clicking here. 高中前的学分不能转换到ICJA.
  2. Transfer courses will be accepted at ICJA only for elective credit and not to meet core requirements. For example, 如果学生想在ICJA以外的地方学习历史课程, 那门课满足不了三个条件中的任何一个.5 history credits required for graduation but will count towards the elective credit required for graduation. Or, 暑期修读普通化学课程的学生, 还需要在ICJA学习三年的科学课程吗, but may be able to advance to an honors level chemistry or directly to a regular level physics course.
  3. 如果学生的必修课不及格, s/he may, 经指导部门事先批准, 被允许在ICJA之外补课.
  4. Credits from other accredited schools will be accepted based on the number of hours completed. One year of credit is equal to 120 hours of in-class instruction plus any homework.
  5. 而转学分的成绩将记录在ICJA成绩单上, 它们不会计入学生的GPA或班级排名.
  6. During the school year, an outside course may only be taken if it is in a subject that is not offered or cannot be scheduled at ICJA.
  7. Enrollment in online courses will be subject to review based on a student’s attendance and demonstration of the ability to work independently.

Students may be granted approval to take external credits under the following conditions:

  1. 升入下一年的另一级别课程.

  2. 参加ICJA不提供的AP课程.

  3. 参加我们无法安排的ICJA核心课程. 在这种情况下,ICJA将承担在线课程的费用.

  4. Students with an IEP and receiving academic support may be eligible for online classes on a case-by-case basis. A specific recommendation from Academic Support and approval by ICJA administration. 课程进度需要每周由学术支持监督.


Kollel extra credit will be available to students who study in the Kollel for 10 documented hours and will grant a grade symbol change only in the subject studied in the kollel. 一个学生每学期最多只能换一个符号.


All food brought into the building must be Kosher in accordance with proper school-sanctioned certification (e.g., cRc, OU, Kaf-K, o-K).

A “K” is not necessarily a valid symbol of Kashruth and therefore is unacceptable. 在家做的食物是不允许在学校给别人吃的. All food purchased off-campus during school hours must adhere to school standards of Kashruth, and all restaurants frequented must be under Orthodox rabbinical supervision.

Driving & Parking Privileges

Students with valid drivers’ licenses may use the ICJA parking lot under the following conditions:

  • 申请在停车场停放车辆的许可, students must have their license plate numbers and vehicles registered with the office.
  • 司机不得超过5米.p.h. while on school grounds.
  • 不要把车停在有标志的预留车位上.
  • 违章停车可能导致警告或学生的车可能被拖走. 所有拖曳费用和罚款将由您负责.
  • Unsafe driving practice is strictly prohibited and will result in suspension of parking privileges and/or detention.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules may result in suspension of parking privileges on Academy grounds, fines and detention.


每个储物柜都配有一把密码锁. 确保贵重物品的安全, we suggest that students not give out their combinations and keep lockers locked at all times. (如果您有任何问题或打不开储物柜,请找Mrs. Nylund.) ICJA储物柜属于学校,可能会不时被检查. Any decorations inside/outside must conform to school standards and writing on inside/outside of the locker is forbidden. The administration will require removal of inappropriate material with penalty for offensive material.



  • 该字段用于验证目的,应该保持不变.